Refurbished Equipment and Obsolescence Management

Ichor Systems provides upgrades and conversion packages to allow you to match your current install base for all single chamber etch Lam Research Equipment. We are uniquely positioned to provide turnkey solutions that include equipment selection right through to installation and warranty. We offer a comprehensive package that allows customers to manage their resources while minimizing the risk associated with purchasing refurbished equipment, all with critical OEM backing.

In addition to supplying equipment, Ichor Proactively Manages Obsolescence on legacy platforms as this is a high priority for many manufacturers in the IoT/MtM space looking to manage their equipment lifecycle. 

Our highly experienced staff can provide upgrades as part of our refurbishment offering that include:

  • Classic to envision user interface upgrade
  • Mechanical clamp to electrostatic chuck (ESC)
  • SMIF load port to open cassette hine indexer (or vice-versa)
  • Manual tune to low frequency autotune (LoFAT)
  • Off-board to on-board RF generator
  • And many others

Our capabilities also include non-standard system type changes, which extend asset lifetime as well as enhance the process capabilities of the equipment. System updates can allow non-standard substrates to be used such as thin Si wafers and non Si substrates. Examples of non-standard system type changes include:

  • Rainbow 4420 (poly etch) to Rainbow 4720 (tungsten etch)
  • Rainbow 4500 to Rainbow 4520 (high conductance manifold)
  • Rainbow 4520 to 4520XLe (deep submicron capability upgrade)
  • Rainbow 4520 to Rainbow 4520i (isotropic chamber upgrade)
  • TCP9600 to TCP9600SE (variable to fixed gap upgrade)

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