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Ichor's Solution for System Maintenance

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 3, 2016 5:17:30 PM / by Ichor Systems

Ichor Systems

Having issues with system maintenance and lack of control for the maintenance grey fab area?

Ichor now has a manufacturing proven solution to solve this issue.

System Control with Front and Back Screens

Our solution allows control of system from front and back screens, provides control for production management systems, recipe download systems and system monitoring software such as Lam Station.


  • Rear screen dual axis positioning capability allowing system control from a range of positions


  • Reduced overall system downtime, higher utilisation of equipment, more wafer outs
  • Reduced MTTR
  • Easier system maintenance due to ease of system control in the service area
  • Fully integrated control of the system
  • Dedicated maintenance terminal per system
  • Reduced manpower required for maintenance activities due to system control where it is needed

Additional  benefits:

  • Reduced CoO; new LCD display cheaper than current CRT
  • Front to rear selection via keystrokes
  • Allows data from up to 4 PC’s to be displayed on either the front or rear UI, i.e. Lam Station
  • Factory Automation (additional hardware required)
  • No impact on system footprint

Ichor's system maintenance solutions provide better control, monitoring and maintenance for Lam Research Equipment and other refurbished semiconductor equipment. To learn more about our system maintenance solution, download the Maintenance Screen Data Sheet:

Download Maintenance Screen Data Sheet

If you have any questions, or would like more information on Ichor's refurbished semiconductor equipment, please contact us.


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